I Traded One Lucky Cent For First Trade One Lucky Loonie For Second Trade US Paper & Coin Dollars & one Lucky US Cent For Third Trade 2 Canada Two Dollars Notes & Toonie & One Lucky Cent For ?????

Friday, February 29, 2008

Still Looking for the next trade

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know I'm still here waiting for the next trade to come in. Things have been happening which is why I haven't been around. I'll be pushing hard for the trades so stay tuned! OneLuckyCent.com is still kicking!

Our last trade was the 2 - two Canadian dollars and a toonie and one lucky cent.

Do you have something you want to trade?

Sure you do. Look around. I'm sure you can find something. Maybe you won some tickets to Avril Lavigne and want my 2+2+2+1 so bad you're willing to part with them. Or maybe you have seasons tickets to the Blue Bombers up coming season and you're willing to trade for my special currency.

Or maybe you're on the other side of the World and you want to send 100 euros for this Canadian money because it looks so cool and you'll be able to bring friends over to look at it. Maybe even charge admission.

Well, I'll let you go look for something to trade now...go on.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

1 Year Anniversary of One Lucky Cent

It all started 1 Year Ago today with the original One Lucky Cent. The original plan of sending the One Lucky Cent around the World didn't work out too well. There were numerous Lucky Cents just waiting to be found though and the New Trade Up plan was launched.

The first trade came exactly 6 months after the start of the original plan. Michael and his family traded One Lucky Loonie for my One Lucky Cent. They also included a very nice surprise. The second trade came just a few weeks later when Jeff Johnson from Minneapolis, Minnesota traded his One Lucky US Greenback Dollar, One Lucky US Dollar Coin and Jeff also decided to throw in One Lucky US Cent for extra good luck in exchange for my Loonie. The third trade came just as fast as the second one. Chris, who just happens to be from my city of Winnipeg, traded One Canada 1954 Issue 2 Dollars Note, One Canada 1986 Issue 2 Dollars Note, One Canada 2 Dollars Coin (also known as a Toonie) and Chris threw in One Lucky Cent, just like Jeff did, which he also found on the ground in exchange for the One Lucky US Greenback Dollar, One Lucky US Dollar Coin and One Lucky US Cent.

So here we are one year and three trades later. We may not have traded up to a house in one year like Kyle at OneRedPaperclip did but we took One Lucky Cent that we found on the ground and increased it by 60,000%. We have met a few great people along the way which means more that what we're trading up for. If the journey ended today with me reaching a house or whatever I traded up for I'm sure I'd have mixed feelings. It's exciting to not know what's going to happen at any given time. I waited 6 months for the first trade and then the next two trades came within weeks.

Maybe we'll have another burst of trades 6 months after the first trade came after 6 months from the start date. Who knows what is going to happen but I'm looking forward to the journey. With one year and three trades gone by on this journey I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out for One Lucky Cent!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still Here... Still Trading

I know there haven't been updates for a long time but things happen in life and I just want you all to know I am ok. I am going to step up my attempts to find some trades, which we have been stuck at trade #3 for awhile now, and hopefully get this thing rolling along. The 1 year anniversary is coming up on the 15th. Kyle at OneRedPaperClip has his 1 Year anniversary of getting a house tomorrow on the 12th. WOW! Time flies! It feels like just yesterday that I was finding my One Lucky Cent and then finding out about Kyle the following day. Kyle is going to be unveiling the World's Largest Red paperclip in Kipling Saskatchewan tomorrow. Maybe one day I can unveil the World's Largest Lucky Cent!

So just know I'm ok and still looking to trade which started with One Lucky Cent I found on the ground and traded up to One Canada 1954 Issue 2 Dollars Note, One Canada 1986 Issue 2 Dollars Note, One Canada 2 Dollars Coin (also known as a Toonie) and One Lucky Cent.

Friday, March 30, 2007

One Lucky Penny Guy Auctions - Help Him Meet Jay Leno

Hello everyone,

I just want to leave you with a cool online friend of mine who's dream it is to meet Jay Leno. Todd has been on a journey to meet Jay Leno and he is getting closer and closer each day. He started with a penny he found on the ground and he traded up to a Winnebago. He wants to drive that Winnebago down route 66 to LA to meet Jay. You can go to his website as he tells the story waaaay better than I can. www.theoneluckypennyguy.com

Also go check out his auctions and take part in his journey...
One Lucky Penny - Winnebago Advertising
One Lucky Penny - Sponsor a Mile

If the above auctions have ended when you read this just go to his site or check to see if he started new auctions. Thanks!

Take Care,

P.S. I'll be posting updates on my www.OneLuckyCent.com journey soon. Sorry things have been keeping me away from here so much, but I'll get things back on track. I promise! I have been waiting for a couple trades, the first of which didn't come through so I hope the next one does.

Here's the video of the Jay Leno Pepsi Stain Auction from the Tonight Show

This show first aired on March 28, 2007 and the video below shows the ebay item "Wierd Pepsi Stain on Shirt Looks Like Jay Leno" which was featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno's "Stuff We Found on eBay" segment.


You can also go to the auction and watch the video there...

Click "Watch This Item" in My eBay to help Boost it up the eBay Pulse list!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

weird Pepsi Stain on Shirt Looks Like Jay Leno on eBay Featured on Jay Leno Show

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno featured an item on their "Stuff We Found On eBay" tonight. It is a Pepsi Stain on a T-Shirt that Looks Like Jay Leno and it has been relisted on eBay.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Game Site Name - FunCityGames.info

The games site is now called www.FunCityGames.info

and the Add Free Games page is located at www.FunCityGames.info/addfreegames.html

I figured it would be somewhat easier for people to remember and it's something I should have done from the start. With people using the links for their websites and MySpace comments etc. I changed the links in the blogs already although the old links still work. You don't have to go back and edit your posts or comments, but start using the new links. You might want to change the links on your main pages though.

The games are being played quite a bit now and I hope you're all having fun with them. I hope you all agree naming the game site was the thing to do.

Thanks for reading and thanks for playing the games.

Take Care and Have Fun!


Friday, February 23, 2007

How rad is this?

Check this out---> How Rad is This?

Paperclips seem to have many uses other than trading up to a house.

What are the chances that MacGyver used One Lucky Cent to get out of a jam? If you find a packaged Lucky Cent shoot the photo my way.

Take care and have a great weekend!
One Lucky Cent